Test post (please ignore)

February 15, 2009

This post is simply a test. Please ignore it.test-filetest-file


Change Of Site

February 15, 2009

Hey guys. Skylinest here (of course) I really have a busy life right now so I do not have enough time to write big reviews for things, so I have decided to have this site more of a podcast place, like I will be posting recordings of me talking about stuff. So I hope you enjoy this, because it really benifits me.

There’s only one problem. WordPress only allows me to upload these file formats: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt. They to not accept WMA or MP3 files, and I don’t even know what a ODT file is, so if you guys could like help me out or somthing that would be great.

Palm Pre Notice

January 31, 2009

Hey guys this is Skylinest. I’m just here to let you know that I may not be posting that often because I’m really busy with life and stuff, but I would like to let you know that in a week or so I will have some more posts, and one will be about the Palm Pre. Hang in there!

Sony Vaio P (From CES)

January 23, 2009


Hey check out this new PC Sony released at CES 2009! I don’t think you should call it a netbook, it should be called a notebook. It runs Windows Vista, that’s right. This tiny thing is amazingly powerful and really beautiful. Here’s the notes:

Operating system:

Windows Vista, full version. It also has this thing called quick boot mode where you can boot the computer up quickly and you can have Sony’s Xross bar on there that looks like this: 


The screen is 8 inches wide and not very tall, which Sony Purposely did this so they could have the netbook with a larger keyboard, and so you can read two websites side by side. It also has an integrated web cam and microphone. Crazy awesome huh?



The keyboard is amazing. It feels like an iMac’s keyboard, and its full sized too. Some may ask, “Where’s the track pad?” Instead of using a track pad Sony used a little control stick located in the keyboard, which I really like, but some people hate that. (You can by a mouse for it.) They got rid of the track pad to save more space for the full- sized keyboard.



This thing runs like its a full sized desktop. It runs beautifully on Windows Vista, and surprisingly this little guy is powerful. I like it.




A look around the hardware, it doesn’t have any of those fancy ports and things, but it does have the basics like USB ports, and an audio jack and more. (I forgot all the rest LoL) But some laptops come with all of these ports I really don’t need, but the Vaio P just has the basics. I like that. Oh, did I mention this thing is EXTREMELY tiny? (and sexy) Yeah well it is.


Its a great little companion to have with you, and it’s really useful. You get Internet access everywhere because it uses Verizon Wireless 3G. Sony really got it right this time. My only worries about it is that nowadays people have cell phones that can do all of this media and web surfing stuff. I think the gap between smart phones and cell phones is closing. This just helps that gap close more. I never thought I would say this but I think Smart Phones (iPhone, Blackberry Storm, Palm Pre…) are going to take some attention away from it because cell phones can almost do the same thing, and they are more portable. I really like this device, and I think its going to be a huge hit. Enjoy!




January 10, 2009

Hey guys, skylinest here. Just a brief intro to what this blog is about:

Here this blog is all about technology and news, now when you hear me say this, for most of you its an instant turn-off. This site is not the same as your average site, in many ways. Try it out. If you like it, use it. If you dont, then dont use it. I ask you to email me as much as you can of thoughts and comments about the site, and tell me anything cool you found out. Just emial me at Skylinetech@rocketmail.com The difference about this site is that it does not just give you the news, it shows it to you, and I keep my posts very simple, with the facts and opinions. Some like this, some may not. Enjoy!